In order to provide holistic development to the students, Bal Bharati Public School Indraprasth Yojna provides array of activities to the students. The school is equipped with all the basic amenities and facilities that are required for overall development of a child.

  1. Very well stocked computerized library houses over 4000 books of all genres, suitable for all age groups.
  2. The school has well-equipped and modernized science and mathematics laboratories to bridge the gap between real and abstract world.
  3. The school has a spacious computer laboratory with Broadband Internet connection and sophisticated multimedia facilities and resources.
  4. The music and dance rooms are equipped with a wide range of traditional and modern musical instruments providing children with a variety of learning experiences in music and dance.
  5. During the art classes, the individual styles and techniques get honed and are displayed during exhibitions.
  6. The school regularly provides sports coaching to students in different fields including athletics, taekwondo, football, skating and Yoga . In addition, Rebs Sports Academy conducts different physical activities of great interest to students.
  7. Weekly facility of STEM Robotics is also provided to the students, where students gets hand on experience in Maths and Science.
  8. Newspaper reading is encouraged through Newspaper in Education – Hindustan Times Student Edition.
  9. BalSabha Activities are conducted in all the classes to provide stage exposure to all the students.
  10. Rhapsody:Fiesta of Interschool Competitions, Spectrum: Talent Hunt and Sports Day are organized every year.
  11. Special Days and Festivals are celebrated in the school vicinity.