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Principal's Desk

At Bal Bharati we strive to be an abode of knowledge that embraces each and every child with love and utmost care, envisioning an education system where students are prepared to face challenges of life believing that education should not just be a mere acquisition of knowledge, but also a balance with wisdom gained to survive and conquer today’s non-linear world. At BBPSIP each child evolves in an atmosphere of love with a focus on sound moral values enabling them to grow as a compassionate and responsible human being towards society.

Our academic programme is built around the needs of the competitive world we live in. The holistic curriculum of our school enables each child to bloom in accordance to his/her innate potentials, transforming each child into a well-spoken and mindful individual.

We encourage a strong focus on academics with individual monitoring and counselling for the students through ‘Mentorship’ to elevate each student’s potential to a higher level of performance. Our strategies involve direct contact with the parents by teachers who analyse and devise ways to help each child develop confidence in themselves.

Bal Bharati nurtures a vision to bring forth responsible and self-developed citizens who will make all proud with their stellar role in nation building. The education gained at Bal Bharati will become the means to their all-round success in ever evolving and competitive global scenario. The school relentlessly works to produce empowered individuals who are committed to Indian ethos and culture while keeping the adage ‘modernity blends with tradition’ alive.

From time to time, we empower our teachers with the training and resources that are needed to deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences, in order to bring out the best in our students.

At Bal Bharati Public School, IndraprasthYojna , each child is a promising vision personified, fully equipped to touch the infinite sky with a sound determination and a conviction that – It Should, It Could and It Must!

We believe in the golden triangle of the school, and the parents being the firm base that gives stability to each child reach the summit.

Ms. Goldi Gautam