About BBPS

Bal Bharati’s education philosophy is inspired by the maxim “ अनोभद्र: कृतवो” “Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides.” It provides comprehensive education, keeping in view the country’s rich heritage and cultural background and opens opportunities for the development of different facets of the child’s personality.
Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the Schools, endeavour to help each child discover and develop his/her innate talents and abilities. They seek to instil in the children proper habits, positive attitude and values such as truthfulness, unselfishness, self-respect, self control, sense of duty, good manners, fair play, team spirit, dignity of labour, punctuality, compassion, freedom of mind and a rational and scientific approach.
Bal Bharati Public Schools are comprehensive, co-educational English Medium Schools. Hindi enjoys its place of pride as the National Language in its curriculum..
Bal Bharati Public School, Indraprasth Yojna, run by Kumar Bharat Trust, was established in the year 2015. The School Managing Committee is headed by by Mr S.P. Singh as Chairman and Mr. R.K Gupta as Vice Chairman with Mrs. Ruchira Bhatnagar as the Principal The School built by the Trust is set in congenial surroundings. It equipped with all requisite facilities, well stocked libraries, laboratories, computers, audio-visual equipment, and facilities for creative arts, indoor and outdoor games.
To Bring alive the spirit of education through “ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING”at Bal Bharti Public School offers unique and innovative activities using the Education-through-Engagement (ETE) route that will allow for a “Hands-on, Minds-on” environment thereby supporting the learning process through Stem Robotic Classes. It Allow students to plan, implement, test and investigate their ideas thus focusing on application of the STEM Concepts and themes To give exposure in Games, School has tied up with REBS SPORTS ACADEMY wherein 80+ Varieties Of Sports And Fitness Activities, which help in Building Confidence, Coordination, Team Play. The Coaches foster a positive attitude towards Sports & Fitness, Marking Fitness a habit For Life.

BBPS-IP Mission

  • To develop scholastic personalities and impart knowledge to maximize skills and competencies.
  • To foster a positive school atmosphere of sharing and caring to help them achieve scholastically and co-scholastically their greatest potential.
  • To help the students become resourceful thinkers who independently and creatively strive to solve complex problems through reflection, risk taking and critical evaluation.
  • To impart wisdom that transforms mere knowledge into a meaningful initiative and enterprise for a harmonious and prosperous society.
  • To provide holistic education to society as a whole without prejudice or discrimination.
  • Equip the child to meet all challenges – social, moral and intellectual and comprehend human values.
  • To make students responsible, law abiding and enlightened citizens of a global society.
  • Instil traits of team work, empathy, patience, perseverance and respect of elders and mentors.
  • To ensure sensitivity and commitment to environment and all beings to save the planet for future generation.


“हंसोनयतुन: प्रज्ञाम”
“Give us the wisdom and ability to comprehend” “To strive for better and better, not resting on one’s laurels; seek solutions not excuses, deliver results and serve the community by providing quality education.”



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